QWOC Media Wire primarily amplifies queer women and trans people of color -led projects and organizations. Beginning February 2013, we'll be profiling at least one QPOC organization that aligns with our mission of amplifying LBTQI women of color thought leadership.

Please feel free to use this submission category to send us information about your organization by answering a few short questions. (Note: If you'd like to submit content ideas, press releases and other relevant news and stories from your organization, please use tihs category instead.) 

Please Note: There are many sites that profile "LGBT" organizations. We recognize that "LGBT" organizations and campaigns by way of being an umbrella identity do pertain to queer people of color, but that's not what our space is for. Here, we are committed to *only* profiling LGBT organizations that use media to prioritize the experiences and voices of queer women of color. Again, if your organization's mission doesn't intentionally declare QWOC as a focus, we're not interested in featuring your work in this capacity.  

That said-- thanks for letting us know about your QWOC-led and -focused organization, project, or campaign. We'll be in touch if we decide to feature your profile on our site! 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.