QWOC Media Wire primarily amplifies queer women and trans people of color -led projects and organizations. Beginning April 2013, we'll be profiling DJs from our community. 

Why DJs? 

Activism is hard. Bring all of ourselves to the table can be taxing. And being able to express our full selves, unbridled and uncensored, is both a rarity and a privilege that we believe good DJs make possible. If you've ever worked out stress on a dancefloor, held your breath during the week just to make it to your favorite party on Friday night, or made a request you didn't think would be granted but took you by surprise right when it came on ("this one is for you") then we hope you'll agree with us that the role of DJs in our QPOC community isn't valued and celebrated often enough. 

We'd like to change that. But we need your help. 

Please feel free to use this submission category to send us information about your favorite DJ OR (if you're a DJ) submit a full self-nomination by answering our standard Q&A! 

The only requirements for nomination are that 1) the DJ identifies openly as a queer woman, trans or gender non-conforming person of color and 2) they have been spinning/DJs for at least the past two years. (We're open to exceptions to these rules -- we're mainly attempting to ensure that submitted profiles are of DJs who are active and self-identity as part of the QPOC community.)

(Note: If you'd like to submit content ideas, press releases and other relevant news, please use tihs category instead. We do not publish promotional materials about club nights or parties, unless in the rare circumstance they're accompanied with important social commentary.) 

We'll notify you if we decide to feature your DJ (self) nomination on our site. Thanks in advance!
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.